GLADE (Greater London Affiliation for Deaf Education):

Ewing Foundation hosts an information-sharing group for professionals working with deaf children in the Greater London area. The group met most recently in October 2015 and the day including presentations on the following subjects:

  • tracking progress post-assessment
  • capacity and perceptions of resource provisions
  • working with families
  • audiology protocol

There was also an exhibition from audiology service suppliers, and opportunities for delegates to mix informally and share thoughts and practice together. Please contact Joyce Sewell-Rutter or Stevie Mayhook to find out about the next GLADE event. Professionals (Teachers of the Deaf, Learning Support and Communication Support Workers, Audiology Technicians) from outside the Greater London are also welcome.

Professionals share ideas at a recent GLADE meeting.

Professionals share ideas at a recent GLADE meeting.