Ewing Foundation’s Speech in Noise Toolkit on sale

An easy-to-use toolkit to help Teachers of the Deaf has been designed by Ewing Foundation in partnership with Connevans Ltd. The Ewing Foundation Speech in Noise Toolkit plays pre-recorded sound through the user’s own device (computer, tablet, smart phone) and includes all equipment needed to carry out accurate and repeatable speech in noise tests for pupils of all ages.

Diagram of the Ewing Foundation Speech in Noise Toolkit in use.

The Toolkit is intended for use in real-life school settings. While it is not intended to replace or replicate clinical test tools, when used as part of a range of tests, the Toolkit will provide useful, measurable and repeatable speech discrimination test results which will help inform decisions regarding the best provision for the child. It includes the Manchester Picture Test, Manchester Junior Word List and AB Short Word List, plus the required equipment needed to perform speech tests from a variety of devices.

The Toolkit is available from Connevans Ltd, priced at £895 (ex VAT and shipping). Please contact us if you would like to arrange a demonstration.