Educational Audiology

Accessing speech and environmental sounds is crucial for the development of natural spoken language and good communication. Technological advances in the past twenty years have been wide ranging but can only be as effective as the skills of those using them.

The Ewing Foundation Consultants have provided training and support in many settings to improve confidence in:

  • working with pupils using a variety of digital hearing aids and cochlear implants;
  • making best use of soundfield systems;
  • using personal FM systems (radio aids);
  • incorporating a variety of ICT equipment in teaching and learning;
  • carrying out routine checks and maintenance;
  • recognising the impact of the listening environment.

Case Study

Managing audiological technology

Following the Modernisation of Children’s Hearing Aid Services (MCHAS), a service for hearing impaired children requested training to ensure that teachers of the deaf fully understood the changes in protocols for regular electro-acoustic testing and setting up FM systems, and the reasons for the changes.

These procedures ensure that equipment is managed effectively and pupils receive benefit from the full potential of digital signal processing (DSP) technology, thus maximising the opportunities for inclusion in mainstream classes.

The Ewing Foundation DVD, ‘Getting It Right,’ demonstrates the effective use of FM technology in mainstream classes and highlights the benefits of radio aids in different learning contexts, especially when challenged by noise and distance.