New Training Opportunities

We offer a number of courses including a BTEC Advanced Award, technical courses offered in collaboration with the NHS, and one-day courses on teaching grammar and literacy to deaf children. We also organise information sharing days for professionals working with deaf children in the Greater London area.


Linking Listening to Language

Our popular training day returns on Wednesday 11 July 2018, 10am – 4pm, at the headquarters of SENSE, 101 Pentonville Road, London N1 9LG.

The day will include:

  • understanding and assessing listening skills, including effective use of speech discrimination tests.
  • exploring the links between listening and language assessment.
  • Case studies, videos and discussion

For more information, please contact Trish at or tel/ text: 07703 470 101


Deafness and Autism event

The next Deafness and Autism Special Interest Group event will take place on 18 April 2018 at The Bridge Conference Centre in London.

This annual event, which is a collaboration between the British Association of Teachers of the Deaf (BATOD) and Burwood Park Foundation, is designed to help parents and professionals to support deaf children on the autistic spectrum.

The theme of this year’s training day is Closer Collaboration with Practical Strategies. Please contact Joyce Sewell-Rutter on to book your place (standard ticket £100, BATOD members £95 and parents £20). View the BATOD SIG 2018 programme here. Download the BATOD SIG 2018 booking form here.


Con Powell Memorial Scholarships, closed for 2018, re-opening January 2019.

Five scholarships per year are available for teachers who wish to train to be Teachers of the Deaf. The scholarships are managed by British Association of Teachers of the Deaf (BATOD) and funded by Ovingdean Hall Foundation. Scholars are supported by Ewing Foundation staff. They are aimed at teachers whose Local Authorities are not obliged to fund them. Applications re-open January 2019. Find out more. 


Recent events:

BTEC Advanced Award for Audiology Technicians in Educational Settings, started March 2018:

Audiology Technicians in schools and sensory support services ensure that equipment is checked, maintained and used appropriately to provide optimal listening conditions for deaf learners.

Students on the BTEC course

Students on the BTEC course

Our popular BTEC Advanced Award for Audiology Technicians in Educational Settings returned in March 2018. Currently in its seventh year, the course is suitable for IT/Science technicians, or teaching assistants supporting deaf learners. The content covers listening and learning, familiarisation with a range of technical aids,  problem solving and administration issues.  Please view our Please view the BTEC leaflet to find out more. If you have any questions about future courses, please email

The course, which is led by Ewing staff member Stevie Mayhook, is very popular: ‘I just wanted to say thank you for the fantastic experience on the course,’ said Verna, a student on the BTEC. ‘Stevie, your amazing knowledge, support and fantastic teaching has given me the confidence to pursue further opportunities.’



Understanding radio aids and cochlear implants, February 2018

Last February, Ewing Foundation staff delivered a workshop at Aston University in Birmingham on working with radio aids and cochlear implants. They shared updates on radio aids for the latest cochlear implant products such as Cochlear N7 system, Med-El Sonnet and Advanced Bionics. This was a hands-on day giving participants the opportunity to test the systems both subjectively and objectively in the test box using special leads produced by Connevans. They also focused on more recent wireless microphones, including the Roger Touch Screen and Cochlear Mini Microphone 2+.

This is an annual event, but we are always happy to organise  additional dates during the year. Please contact us.

GLADE Annual Conference, November 2017

The annual GLADE (Greater London Affiliation for Deaf Education) conference for those in the wider London area who work with deaf children took place last November.

If you would like to join the group or learn about future events, please contact Joyce Sewell-Rutter on or call 07803 616708.


Deafness and Autism Special Interest Group event, 27 April 2017, The Bridge Training Centre, London N7 9LD

This year’s BATOD/ Burwood Park Foundation event returned to The Bridge Training Centre in London in April. Topics included music, research and reducing stress. View Special Interest Group programme here


GLADE conference, November 2016

The most recent GLADE conference took place in London on 18 November 2016. View GLADE conference programme here

GLADE (Greater London Affiliation for Deaf Education) is our focus group for professionals working in resource provisions across Greater London.

The aims of the group are to share good practice through discussion and training opportunities, and to alleviate the isolation of specialist staff by encouraging networking and peer support.


Cochlear Implants and Radio Aids: 29 June 2016, Optegra Building, Aston University, Birmingham: 

A one-day workshop which explored different radio aid systems with Cochlear, Advanced Bionics and MED-EL sound processors. This workshop was aimed at professionals working with children using radio aid systems with their CIs. The course, organised by the Midlands Hearing Implant Centre and delivered by the Ewing Foundation gave delegates an update on the latest developments, including the Phonak Roger and the eClarity systems. Delegates were also given hands-on practical experience with the Connevans Genie, Phonak systems and Comfort Audio system with the 3 CI devices.


Deafness and Autism Training Day, Wednesday 27 April 2016, London

British Association of Teachers of the Deaf (BATOD) Special Interest Group, in association with Ewing Foundation and Burwood Park Foundation, held a Deafness and Autism Training Day on Wednesday 27 April 2016.

  • small group sharing the latest research and experiences
  • assessment and classroom strategies
  • cross phase interest

Please view the event programme here.The event was held at The Bridge Conference Centre, 251 Hungerford Road, London N7 9LD.


Getting to Grips with Grammar:

This one-day training event, most recently held at Phonak UK’s headquarters in Warrington, Cheshire during September 2015, was aimed at staff working with deaf pupils and includes:

  • fundamental concepts about syntax/ grammar and terminology
  • understanding how children’s syntax develops
  • using STASS effectively to analyse children’s developing syntax
  • monitoring the emergence of complex language
  • using the information to inform planning

There were opportunities to view resources and share ideas and strategies with other delegates. The delegate rate was £50. For more information or to reserve your place at the next event, please contact Trish Cope or tel/text: 07703 470101


Pathways to Literacy:

This one-day training day, which has been running since 2012, has proved highly popular. This course has usually been run in the Manchester area, but as well as delivering customised versions of this day for individual services, it is anticipated that further days will be organised to cover other regions.  More information about the course can be viewed here: Pathways to Literacy (pdf). The Pathways to Literacy video clips which accompany the course are available online here. For more information, please contact Trish Cope.


GLADE (Greater London Affiliation for Deaf Education):

Our information-sharing group for professionals working with deaf children in the Greater London area met in October 2015. The day including presentations on the following subjects:

  • tracking progress post-assessment
  • capacity and perceptions of resource provisions
  • working with families
  • audiology protocol

There was also an exhibition from audiology service suppliers, and opportunities for delegates to mix informally and share thoughts and practice together. Please contact Joyce Sewell-Rutter or Stevie Mayhook to find out about the next GLADE event. Professionals (Teachers of the Deaf, Learning Support and Communication Support Workers, Audiology Technicians) from outside the Greater London are also welcome.


Professionals share ideas at a recent GLADE meeting.

Professionals share ideas at a recent GLADE meeting.