Audio CDs

The following titles are available to purchase:

Compressed Babble – for speech-in-noise testing

An audio CD containing recordings of children’s background chatter, compressed to give a constant level for the 5-minute duration of each track. There are 9 tracks, each one 5dB above the previous track. Delivered via an amplifier and speaker(s) it removes the need for a 2-channel audiometer – simply play track 5, calibrate with a sound level meter for 70dB and all other levels can be presented by playing the appropriate track.

Price £7.50

Listening Through Hearing Aids In Mainstream Classrooms

An audio CD which will help teachers of hearing impaired children in their work with mainstream colleagues and parents. It shows how distance from the teacher, combined with noise, make listening more difficult for the hearing aid wearer in a mainstream classroom, and underlines the value of the radio aid. All recordings were made through actual hearing aids and radio systems and incorporate the inherent distortions generated by such systems.

Running time: 11 mins approx

Price £5 (CD or cassette – please specify when ordering)

Filtered Speech

This audio CD contains recordings of word lists and short passages of prose. The first track is unfiltered, while the four subsequent tracks have higher frequencies (those above 4KHz, 2KHz, 1KHz and 500Hz respectively) removed. This provides an easy-to-follow demonstration of the effects of high-frequency hearing loss for INSET demonstrations, helping mainstream staff understand the listening experiences of deaf children in their classes.

Running time: 8 minutes approx

Price £10