iPad loan scheme

Following successful use of iPads with deaf children with additional needs, a loan system to teachers and assistants working with deaf children was initiated.

The iPad (mini or standard) comes in a protected case, pre-loaded with a range of apps to encourage listening, speaking and communication as well as learning and motivation.  It is loaned on the understanding that it is used

  • with adult supervision and care
  • to encourage as much interaction as possible
  • with agreement to complete an evaluation of its use Download iPAD loan evaluation here
  • with return via safe means at user’s expenses (person-to-person, or ‘signed for’ postal service)

Examples of success include:

  • use in toilet training
  • finding a voice
  • establishing turn taking
  • extending writing skills

Case study from primary resource provision:

We have used several i-Pad applications as teaching tools with our deaf children. We have used ‘Sentence Builder’ and this has been extremely useful to help improve the children’s sentence construction especially where they need to use their listening skills to re-arrange words to make a sentence. We have also used the various times tables applications which have greatly improved the children’s recall of the tables. Other Maths programs have also helped develop basic skills in addition, subtraction as well as division. We have also used the ‘Megaphone’ application to encourage the children to use their speech and to record sound.

As a result we have asked the school to invest in 2 new iPads that can be used within the resource base with the deaf children.

Download BATOD article on iPad apps to support ‘exploration of sound and use of voice’