A good listening environment makes a major contribution to a child’s ability to learn effectively. Studies show that poor listening conditions not only make it difficult for pupils to hear essential information but also impact negatively on behaviour and cause vocal fatigue in teachers. Improving the acoustic conditions benefits not only deaf children, but all pupils and teachers.

Ewing Foundation Technicians can advise on ways to reduce background noise and improve listening conditions.

Case Study

Advising on the listening environment

Following a request for assistance from an Educational Audiologist, various classrooms in a recently-built school (but which pre-dated BB93) were identified as being highly reverberant. Such rooms adversely affect the listening conditions for pupils and may lead to teachers suffering from vocal fatigue.

Over the summer break, a contractor installed a suspended acoustic ceiling in the worst classroom and reverberation times were approximately halved.

The Headteacher was so impressed with the result that they instigated a rolling program of similar treatment for the other identified rooms.