Basic Trouble-shooting

Basic Trouble-shooting

Even experienced professionals can encounter difficulties checking, using and maintaining today’s increasingly sophisticated audiological equipment. This is particularly true where combinations of different technical aids are to be used eg hearing aids + personal FM + soundfield system.

Ewing Foundation Technicians have a wealth of experience with various makes and models and are able to find solutions to most problems presented to them.

Case Study

Advising on the listening environment

 A Ewing Foundation Technician was approached by a school because a ToD was experiencing problems setting the FM level with a hearing aid/binaural bodyworn FM combination.

She was finding it impossible to adjust the FM level to get the FM curve high enough to meet the aid-only curve.

During a listening test with the FM level turned up fully it was found that the sound level through the hearing aid was very quiet when listening through one arm of the ‘V’ direct input lead, but through the other arm it was excessively loud. The ‘V’ lead was replaced to resolve the problem and this allowed the FM output level curve to be adjusted to meet the aid-only curve, and for both arms of the ‘V’ lead to function equally.

This experience demonstrated to the teacher the necessity to carry out both objective test box measurers and subjective listening tests.