Conferences and Events

The Ewing Foundation Consultants and Technicians take part in many regional and national events, as exhibitors, presenters, workshop leaders and organisers.

Below are some of our recent activities:


  • BATOD 2011
  • SENJIT 2009
  • BATOD Wales 2008
  • National Conference for Heads of Schools and Services for Deaf Children (NCSL) 2007

Presentations and workshops

  • South Cumbria Dyslexia Association: Listening and Learning, 2009
  • CI + FM Policy Into Practice, GOSH, London 2009 (see Case Study below)
  • Special Needs North 2009
  • Special Needs London 2009
  • BATOD Wales 2008
    • Technical Support for ToDs – How, Where and Why
    • The Deaf Child Plus … Provision into Practice
    • Inclusion – Place or Practice?
    • Everybody In? What Inclusion Means for Deaf Children in the 21st Century
  • BATOD 2008
  • SENJIT Annual Conference for Teachers of the Deaf
    • OPEN ACCESS: achievement and wellbeing for deaf children and those working with them (2009)
    • The Deaf Child Plus (2008)

Planning and organisation

  • CI + FM: Making It Work (with ST George’s Cochlear Implant Programme) 2010
  • CI + FM: Policy Into Practice (with GOSH Cochlear Implant Programme) 2009
  • Open Access (SENJIT) 2009
  • BATOD Northern Ireland 2008 – A mix of presentations, demonstrations and practical experience with FP35s.
    • Can they hear you?
    • We have the technology but is it working? – Use of FM systems with a focus on CI / FM; introduction of FM Quality Standards and evaluation protocol
  • BATOD Wales National Conference 2008

Case Study

CI + FM: Policy Into Practice

 The Ewing Foundation and Great Ormond Street Cochlear Implant Programme worked together to host a conference to explain, de-mystify and expand understanding of the use of personal FM systems with cochlear implant processors.  The event was held at Great Ormond Street’s training facility on 20th September 2009.

Delegate numbers were restricted so the 34 who attended had a chance to participate fully.  The programme comprised a keynote address by Liz Wood, formerly of the South of England Cochlear Implant Centre and member of the UK Children’s FM Working Group, followed by six workshops run on a carousel basis (so all delegates were able to take part in each):

  • Listening for Life: promoting effective listening Jackie Cheesman & Tina Hill, Hearing Therapists, GOSH
  • Processors, FM systems and test box procedures: demonstration and discussion, Ken Higgins, Technician, Ewing Foundation
  • Working Well and Wellbeing: the role of the Clinical Psychologist in supporting deaf children, their families and professionals, with examples of practice Dr Rose Dunno, Clinical Psychologist, GOSH
  • Making It Work Day By Day: a Teacher of the Deaf discusses daily routines, trouble-shooting strategies and fostering good use by pupils Sue Brownson, Laycock Primary School
  • Testing, Testing and Other Technology: leading on from the morning session, hands-on practice of setting-up procedures; using implants and FM systems with ICT in the classroom and at home Richard Vaughan, Customer Support Manager, Connevans
  • QS – Making It Happen: a year on from publication, a discussion about the Quality Standards, their implementation, issues and how they are being met in different settings Elizabeth Woods, formerly of the South of England Cochlear Implant Centre and Joyce Sewell-Rutter, UK Children’s FM Working Group

All workshops were chaired by a member of other London cochlear implant centres, so there was plenty of expertise on hand!  Feedback for the day was very positive and comments from delegates included:

  • ” A lot packed in, so well worth attending.”
  • “Extremely valuable input from all sessions.”
  • “Provided opportunities to think about issues I don’t usually have time to consider and resolve.”

Case Study

BATOD Conference 2008 i-learn, u-learn, e-learn

The Ewing Foundation was invited to present a workshop demonstrating the use of computer software to support the language and literacy development of deaf children.

Clicker 5 a multimedia software package from Crick software was introduced to three teachers of the deaf in a primary unit. Three training visits over 6 months, with interim email support, encouraged and developed the implementation and use of the software into the unit and year 3 of the mainstream school.

The teachers’ experience with mastering the software, making grids and developing the range of applications to support language learning, reading and writing with pupils were shared. The encouragement of listening and use of voice, through a simple recording feature of this software, were demonstrated in a video clip. [Links to the BATOD article and Burwood Park]