Contributing to Design

Contribution to design of specialist equipment

Designers, manufacturers and suppliers of specialist equipment are known to call upon the wide technical and practical experience of Ewing Foundation Technicians when developing or updating their products. This honest, unbiased and confidential input could be at any stage of the development process. Some of the suggestions and ideas put forward by the Technicians have been adopted, and we feel that the final products have benefited from our input.

Case Study

Steto ClipThe Variable Attenuator

In response to the development of high-powered hearing aids with little or no manual control of volume, the Ewing Foundation Technicians explored options and developed a variable attenuator for use with a stetoclip (listening stick). This is now available to all practitioners from a commercial company and forms a basic part of the teacher of the deaf toolkit.

Case Study

Bone Anchored Hearing Aid (Baha®) Listener

Understanding the real necessity of monitoring Baha® and, importantly, Baha® plus FM combinations, the Ewing Foundation Technicians developed a simple device which allows a normally hearing person to listen in to the output of a Baha®. This enables them to make a subjective assessment as to the quality of sound and the efficacy of any FM system connected to it.

The device is now available from a commercial source at reasonable cost.