Supporting you with strategies to develop and extend good practice in the classroom.



Providing you with impartial advice on how to choose, use and maintain hearing technology.



Offering you courses and training opportunities for groups and individuals.



Supplying you with products to support your work with deaf children.



Technology update for Oticon and free sound files

On 25th March, our Technology Consultant Paul Harris addressed over 300 attendees in an online event organised by Oticon UK. Taking questions from Oticon’s Alison Stone, Paul talked about a variety of issues including: What to look for in a remote microphone Compatibility between brands Tamper resistant battery doors Advances in signal processing Linking hearing…


World Hearing Day

Wednesday 3rd March is World Hearing Day! Led by the World Health Organisation (WHO), this global advocacy event calls for action to address hearing loss and related issues. Its aim is to raise awareness of hearing loss and promote hearing care across the world. The theme for 2021 is ‘Hearing care for ALL! Screen. Rehabilitate.…


Training scholarships

Are you a teacher who would like to train to become a Teacher of the Deaf? If so, scholarships are available for your training. Funded by our partner Ovingdean Hall Foundation, The Con Powell Memorial Scholarships are managed by British Association of Teachers of the Deaf (BATOD), with support provided by the Ewing Foundation team. The…


Preparing the teachers of the future

During January 2021, we will be supporting trainee Teachers of the Deaf studying at the University of Birmingham. We have created presentations about hearing aids, radio aids and hearing aid test boxes which, due to Covid-19 restrictions, will be made available to students online. Members of our team will also be taking part in live…


Support us as you shop

Do you shop at Amazon? If so, please select Ewing Foundation as your Amazon Smile charity of choice. For everything you buy, Amazon will give us 0.5% of your net purchase. Thanks for supporting us as you shop! Start shopping for Ewing Foundation. Thank you!


Introducing our Collect and Return Service (CaRS)

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, our team member Paul Harris has developed a mobile monitoring, test and repair service that allows some of the work previously required in schools to be carried out from the lower risk environment of the car. While some tasks require more involvement with the staff and young people, our…


Remembering Ken

We are deeply saddened to report that our dear friend and colleague Ken Higgins has passed away following a long illness. During his career with Ewing, Ken made a huge difference to teachers and their deaf pupils, helping hundreds to get the right audiological support at school. Ken retired in 2017 after 29 years of…


Free online resources

We have a number of free online resources to support you in your work with deaf children. We have videos to help you use the Fonix FP35 Hearing Aid Analyzer (test box) , helpful How-to videos and listening resources to assist you in supporting and assessing the listening of your deaf student. Our Filtered Speech and Compressed Babble…


Teacher training scholarships

Are you a teacher seeking help to become a Qualified Teacher of the Deaf? If so, The Con Powell Memorial Scholarships for 2020 are now open until the end of April 2020. The scholarships are managed by British Association of Teachers of the Deaf (BATOD) and funded by Ovingdean Hall Foundation. Scholars are supported by…



We are a national charity, promoting inclusion and achievement for deaf children through listening and speaking. Our team of Education Consultants and Technology Consultants support professionals in acquiring the skills and confidence needed to help deaf children use their residual hearing, access technology and develop natural spoken language. We work with teaching staff, schools, services and resource bases. Please browse our pages to learn more about the Ewing Foundation, our work and how to contact us.

Due to charitable support, we are able to offer our services as a subsidised rate. If you can support us with a gift, please click here. Thank you.

Our history

Ewing Foundation was established by construction businessman Malcolm McAlpine and his wife Sheila in 1952. We are named after the eminent audiologists Sir Alexander and Lady Irene Ewing. The Ewings were of enormous help to the McAlpines when their eldest son was born profoundly deaf in 1944.

The McAlpines established and supported the foundation so that other deaf children and families could benefit from the expertise and legacy of the Ewings. The charity is now chaired by their youngest son Hamish.

‘The Ewings were ambassadors who made a difference,’ says Professor Kevin Munro, Ewing Professor of Audiology at University of Manchester. ‘They recognised the importance of early identification and intervention, and of early involvement of the family. They were hugely influential and their impact is recognised throughout the world.’

Today, our team of Education Consultants and Technology Consultants work with deaf children and their teachers in the classroom. We ensure that hearing technology is working correctly, and that students and teachers can communicate effectively with one another. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Find out more about Ewing Foundation’s work and origins at The University of Manchester: