About us

The Ewing Foundation is a national charity, promoting inclusion and achievement for deaf children through listening and speaking. Our team of Education Consultants and Specialist Audiology Technicians supports professionals in acquiring the skills and confidence needed to help deaf children use their residual hearing, access technology and develop natural spoken language. Please browse our pages to learn more about the Ewing Foundation, our work and how to contact us.

Our history

Ewing Foundation was established by construction businessman Malcolm McAlpine and his wife Sheila in 1952. It is named for the eminent audiologists Sir Alexander and Lady Irene Ewing. The Ewings were of enormous help to the McAlpines when their eldest son was born profoundly deaf in 1944.

The McAlpines established and supported the foundation so that other deaf children and families could benefit from the expertise and legacy of the Ewings. The charity is now chaired by their youngest son Hamish.

‘The Ewings were ambassadors who made a difference,’ says Professor Kevin Munro, Ewing Professor of Audiology at University of Manchester. ‘They recognised the importance of early identification and intervention, and of early involvement of the family. They were hugely influential and their impact is recognised throughout the world.’

Today, Ewing Foundation’s team of specialist audiology technicians and education consultants work with deaf children and their teachers in the classroom. They ensure that hearing technology is working correctly, and that students and teachers can communicate effectively with one another.

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