The Ewing Foundation team provides Education Advice and Technology services nationwide to meet the requirements of local authorities, schools and a range of professionals working with deaf children and young people. We can offer training programmes to address specific, identified needs, ranging from one-to-one tutorials to national events.

Our Working with deaf children and young people with additional or complex needs conference took place in London on 12th June 2024. Find out more.

We offer bite-size learning opportunities focused on a range of topics. Places at these half-hour online sessions are free of charge. Find out more. 

Our Education Advisors team offer a variety of training sessions to support you in your work with deaf children and young people. Find out more.

We also offer regional groups to deaf education professionals working in the Greater London, Greater Manchester and Birmingham areas.

Please note that our training should supplement, rather than be seen as a substitute for, training provided by a local authority’s advisory service or courses offered for professional qualifications.