Ovingdean Hall Foundation

Ovingdean Hall Foundation

We are a national grantmaker working in partnership with the Ewing Foundation. We support projects from registered charities and small organisations working with deaf children and young people.

The Con Powell Memorial Scholarships for Teachers of Deaf Children and Young People

We are offering up to five scholarships per year for teachers wishing to train to become Teachers of Deaf Children and Young People. The scheme, which is administered by the British Association of Teachers of Deaf Children and Young People (BATOD), is named for BATOD’s first president and Ewing Foundation’s first Chief Executive Officer, Con Powell. Scholars also benefit from the support of Ewing Foundation staff during their studies. Find out more.

About us

Ovingdean Hall Foundation has grown out of Ovingdean Hall School for Deaf Children, which closed in 2010. The Trustees remained committed to maintaining the aims, ethos and spirit of the school and in July 2012 set up a foundation working in partnership with the Ewing Foundation. Together we are a far stronger voice for deaf children in the UK.

We are a registered charity and grantmaking organisation supporting education projects for deaf children and young people. We have recently funded projects at SignHealth, Deaf SELF, Remark Community, Panathlon and The Elizabeth Foundation. Find out more about our projects.

Alongside our main grants programme, we also offer small grants from a few hundred pounds up to £1,500. Find out more about our grants.

Every application is carefully vetted and, if successful, subject to monitoring and evaluation. We would like to support as many suitable projects as possible and to this end we actively fundraise to increase our ability to give. If you would like to support our work or make an application, please visit www.ovingdeanhall.org.uk to find out more.