Ewing Foundation for deaf children and Oticon UK EduMic event

Technology update for Oticon and free sound files

On 25th March, our Technology Consultant Paul Harris addressed over 300 attendees in an online event organised by Oticon UK. Taking questions from Oticon’s Alison Stone, Paul talked about a variety of issues including:

  • What to look for in a remote microphone
  • Compatibility between brands
  • Tamper resistant battery doors
  • Advances in signal processing
  • Linking hearing aids to smart devices
  • Data logging in hearing aids

‘The Ewing Foundation is a niche organisation,’ says Paul, ‘We are here to train professionals, and also to keep up with the latest technology. Please contact us to find out more.’ View the webinar.

Paul shared the following sound files demonstrating the impact of Oticon’s EduMic within three settings:

Teacher in an empty classroom


Teacher in a classroom with 60 dB babble


Teacher outside


More about Paul:

Paul Harris is a leading independent technology consultant for the Ewing Foundation focusing on supporting professionals and deaf children and young people.

He continues to passionately evaluate new products, problem solve issues and develop audiology related solutions and products for professionals and deaf children and young people.

Paul’s background includes having worked in the electronics industry, in testing, product design, manufacturing and engineering.

He has worked in microelectronic PCB design and with the international tech company Hewlett Packard.

Paul was seeking a more rewarding career and moved from the electronics industry to audiology-electronics over 15 years ago.

When not visiting local authorities, health services or schools Paul can be found lecturing on university courses and supporting students.