Exhibition: Deaf Education and Audiology, until 14 December 2019

A special exhibition is being held at Central Library in Manchester until 14 December 2019.┬áDeaf Education and Audiology: A Journey Through Artefacts, Archives and Creativity explores the rich and complex histories and lived experiences of D/deafness. The exhibition looks at the extraordinary technological advances have been made in the exploration of hearing, alongside a better…


Radio aid workshop, 5 February 2020

We are delivering a one-day workshop at the Midlands Hearing Implant Centre in Birmingham to share with you the latest developments in radio aid and wireless microphone systems. You will be able to have hands-on practical experience with the different radio aid systems that you are working with and with the different cochlear implant systems.…


Free Resources

To help you in your work with deaf children, our popular Filtered Speech and Compressed Babble audio resources are now available from this site.