Ewing and e-Learning at the University of Manchester

In addition to the traditional face-to-face on campus post graduate training of ToDs at the University of Manchester, we have been involved in the course development and delivery of the new e-Learning initiatives on two particular courses.

Why the need for e-Learning?

  • Falling numbers of students being seconded to attend on-campus courses (cost in time out/release & supply cover)
  • Funding
  • Flexibility
  • Increase accessibility and thus increase the numbers training as ToDs
  • Allows easy sign posting to the ‘wealth’ of online resources available e.g. Early Support, ECM etc
  • Allows for individualised learning

University of Manchester’s 2015 Vision Strategic Plan 2015 Vision includes extending e-Learning opportunities (Teaching and Learning 4.3)

Human Communication and Deafness division has developed post graduate e-Learning courses in:

  • PG Diploma in Deaf Education – blended e-Learning course (on campus for 3 days twice a year, 2 teaching practice placements)
  • M level stand-alone module in Paediatric Audiology (on-line only)

The Challenges of e-Learning

  • Developing courses and delivery in a very different way
  • For students – time management
  • On-going support and tutorials e.g. response to online quizzes and discussion boards
  • Developing a virtual community e.g. discussion boards
  • ICT skills – accessing electronic journals, resources, writing and submitting assignments
  • Hardware & software necessary


  • Increased numbers of enquiries and applications from as far away as Cornwall, Scotland and overseas
  • Positive feedback from pilot students
  • Viability of course
  • Increasing the multi-disciplinary links
  • Subject specialists involved in writing and presenting topics e.g. cochlear implant specialist; social worker for the deaf; specialist speech and language therapist…
  • Increased awareness and profile within the School of Psychological Sciences
  • Can be ‘easily’ reviewed and updated

Our involvement

  • Language assessment for PG Dip (Deaf education)
  • Aspects of Working in Partnership and using Early Support materials for the Effective Early Amplification module

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