Introducing our Collect and Return Service (CaRS)

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, our team member Paul Harris has developed a mobile monitoring, test and repair service that allows some of the work previously required in schools to be carried out from the lower risk environment of the car.

While some tasks require more involvement with the staff and young people, our Collect and Return Service (CaRS) can significantly reduce interaction with school staff, focusing instead on the hearing instruments and other equipment. Although supporting the student in the classroom is always the preferred option, this service is available for those schools that do not allow external visitors into school buildings.

Other members of the team have since adapted their cars to offer this service in the event that school visits are not possible. Schools can contact us to arrange collection of the hearing instruments and any personal wireless equipment. We will then be able to set up and monitor the equipment to ensure it is working optimally. Once collected from the school reception, the tools and power supply in our cars allow for an efficient turnaround. We return equipment to reception in cleaned protective bags, thus keeping handling to a minimum.

If young people have not had a visit for some time, their ear moulds and equipment may require a full clean and inspection.

We also support schools remotely. Visit reports are emailed, and training can provided to school staff through Microsoft Teams, Zoom or Skype.

Local authorities have expressed interest in CaRS. The service is aimed at schools that are unable to allow visitors on site as a result of COVID 19 restrictions.

Please contact Paul to find out the specific details and costs of adapting cars to offer this service, including other options such as tested portable invertors. The adaptations are also suitable for cars which are leased or shared across service staff. If you have any further questions, please contact Paul.