Support Us at 70

Over the next year, we will be celebrating 70 amazing years of supporting deaf children and young people and their teachers.

Malcolm and Sheila McAlpine set up the Ewing Foundation in 1952, naming it in honour of the audiologists Sir Alexander and Lady Irene Ewing. The Ewings had been of enormous help to the McAlpines when their son was born deaf in 1944; Malcolm and Sheila wanted other deaf children and their families to benefit from the Ewings’ expertise.

We have come a long way since these early days, when our original Technology Consultant, George Dalziel, travelled the country by van, visiting schools with a Warren group hearing aid donated by American singer Johnnie Ray.

Ours is much needed work. Please can you support us at 70? 

Deafness can be seen as an invisible disability, one that can be ‘fixed’ with a hearing aid or cochlear implant. But that is not the case: hearing technology changes rapidly and its effective use requires training and monitoring, while teachers need support on how to provide the best learning environment for deaf children.

Deaf pupils have many challenges in keeping pace with their peers in a classic classroom setting such as background noise or teachers talking to the class while writing on a board. It takes a confident child to raise their hand repeatedly in front of their class to say they cannot hear, and so many fall behind.

Over the past seven decades, our growing team of specialists have checked and repaired thousands of hearing aids and radio aids, and supported thousands of deaf children and young people and their teachers in the classroom. What makes our work special is its hands-on delivery, providing immediate, practical benefits for deaf children and young people and their teachers.

Thanks to charitable support, we are able to offer our vital services at heavily subsidised rates. Please can you support us at 70? Thank you for helping us continue our work into the future! If you have any questions, please Contact Us.