Vote for hearing dog Gordon in Hero Dog Awards

A much-loved hearing dog called Gordon has been nominated in this year’s Crufts Kennel Club Hero Dog awards!

Gordon belongs to Elyana, 12, who is profoundly deaf. Gordon helps Elyana with practical tasks and also provides emotional support: ‘Gordon gives me a sense of comfort and just makes me happy,’ says Elyana. Her mum Silvie credits Gordon with transforming Elyana’s wellbeing and confidence, saying that her daughter is, ‘deaf and proud!’

This is Elyana and Gordon’s story.

Silvie is co-founder of Sound Waves Foundation (SWF), a small charity supported by our partner, grantmaker Ovingdean Hall Foundation (OHF).  Find out more about OHF’s support of SWF’s Action for Captions project. SWF also presented at our conference for deaf education professionals in the Greater London area last year.

‘All the Hero Dog finalists are amazing and we’re so chuffed Elyana is amongst them!’ says Silvie.

Votes are now closed. Thank you to everyone who voted.