Preparing the next generation of Qualified Teachers of the Deaf

Members of the Ewing Foundation team have supported students training to become Qualified Teachers of The Deaf (QToDs) as part of their week-long residential course at the University of Birmingham.

The trainees, all students on the University’s Hearing Impairment Mandatory Qualification course, took part in a combination of practical sessions and lectures.

Technology Consultants Abul, Jeremy and Mark, together with our Audiologist James, demonstrated how to use the test box to check that hearing aids and radio aids are working correctly. Our Education Advisors Helen and Carole showed trainees how listening assessments, alongside the effective use of hearing aids and radio aids, are crucial in supporting the development of the spoken language of deaf children and young people.

This important hands-on training will help the teachers to support deaf children and young people in the classroom. It was also an opportunity to let students know about our other services, such as our Birmingham, Manchester and London regional groups for QToDs working in resource provisions.

The Ewing Foundation is here to support all deaf education professionals with training and advice. Please Contact Us to find out more.