Supporting deaf education professionals

This April, staff from the Ewing Foundation took part in an event at the University of Southampton Auditory Implant Service (USAIS).

The event, aimed at education professionals supporting deaf children and young people, provided an opportunity to review the latest research on speech tests, learn about speech tests in educational settings and look at assessment tools and resources.

Our Education Advisor Helen Martin delivered a presentation about the importance of speech tests. She explored:

  • the difference between passive hearing and active listening
  • assessing through observation and speech discrimination tests
  • different types of assessment e.g. hearing aid alone, or hearing aid combined with radio aid
  • assessing listening in the early years through different questionnaires and tools

Helen explained how speech tests can demonstrate the benefit of radio aids, and discussed how good audiological, acoustic and classroom management can support a deaf student’s listening and learning.

Technology Consultant Jeremy Hine demonstrated the Ewing Speech in Noise Toolkit, a speech discrimination system we developed in collaboration with Connevans. The Ewing Speech in Noise Toolkit plays pre-recorded sound through the user’s own device (computer, tablet, smart phone) and includes all equipment needed to carry out accurate and repeatable speech in noise tests for students. Find out more.

‘It was great to have the input and support of the Ewing Foundation,’ said Stuart Whyte from USAIS.

USAIS are planning the run the event next summer. If you would like to register your interest in attending, please email

Find out more about USAIS.